Calling: An Opera of Forgiveness

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scene from Callingscene from Callingscene from Calling

The opera Calling is based on Wickham Boyle’s 2002 book A Mother’s Essays from Ground Zero, with music by Douglas Geers. We are now raising funds to enable future performances of this moving work.  

To see video highlights

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Please make a tax-deductable donation to help fund our performances. 
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NOTE:  At the PayPal site, if you have an account with them, log in and donate.  Otherwise, go to "Don't have a PayPal Account?" and click on "Continue" to donate using your credit card.  It's easy!!

Here are some ways your donations will help.

   Donate $10 -- Purchase one clarinet reed.
   Donate $25 -- One black shirt for a musician.
   Donate $50 --  Xerox programs.
   Donate $100 -- Rent one microphone.
   Donate $250 -- Support music copying.
   Donate $500 -- Purchase lighting consumables: gels and bulbs.
   Donate $1000 -- Help support stage manager, audio tech, & lighting fees.
   Donate $2000 -- Support the rehearsal pianist.
   Donate $2500 --  Support participation of a downtown NYC children's choir.

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