Calling: An Opera of Forgiveness

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Calling, an Opera of Forgiveness, recounts the up-close experience of one downtown Manhattan family on 9/11, and the month immediately following it.  

Calling premiered September 12, 2008 at the La Mama ETC. First Floor Theater in New York City, where it will ran a series of fifteen performances through the month of September.  Prior to the full premiere, segments of the work were presented at the Cornelia St. Cafe's Serial Underground in New York City from June 2007 through March 2008, in February 2008 at the Spark Festival in Minneapolis, in April on the Sonic Divergence festival at Northwestern University, at Princeton University in May, and at a benefit performance in Tribeca in June. 

Click HERE for a 9-minute MP3 of music highlights from Calling, recorded live at the September 28, 2008 performance in New York City.
HERE for a longer, 16-minute audio excerpt.

The Premiere Performances, September 2008
Below are photos from the September 2008 performances of Calling:

Calling Calling Calling
Calling Calling Calling

For more photos, please click HERE.

September 2008:
Below are photos from the September 2008 feaure on the French TV Network 2:

Calling Calling Calling
Calling Calling

Below are photos from our September benefit performance and after party:


Click HERE for more photos of our 11th of September benefit and after party.

August 2008:
Rehearsal at Great Jones:

Summer 2008:
Photos below are publicity shots of Calling stars Nicole Tori and Roland Burks, taken by Azikiwe Mohammed, August 2008.
Roland Burks Nicole Tori and Roland Burks Nicole Tori

June 2008:
On the evening of Thursday, June 26, wonderful friends of Calling held a benefit on behalf of the opera.

Calling benefit performance
Maja Cerar, Kamala Sankaram,
Doug Geers, and Jesse Murray
Wickham Boyle
Wickham Boyle thanks the amazing women
who made the Calling benefit happen.

April 2008:
Sweep in ChicagoVideo of the April 8 premiere of "Sweep", the concert version of Calling's scene "Empty Socket" is posted on the website of the Princeton University Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk):  

Click HERE to view that page.

February 2008:
Photos below were taken at the February 27 2008 performance of excerpts of Calling at the Ted Mann Concert Hall in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This performance was directed by Professor David Walsh of U. Minnesota and was conducted by James Patrick Miller.  Performers were Laura Anderson, Timothy Bruett, voice; Morris Johnson, choreography/dance; Elizabeth Davies, voice; Julie A. Brousseau, voice; Jacqueline Ultan, cello; Patrick O'Keefe, clarinet; Shannon Wettstein, piano; Heather Barringer, percussion; Maja Cerar, violin; and Doug Geers, computer.  Sally Messner, chorus master; Children’s chorus: Henry Husbands, Madeline Nicol,Austin Stanley, Jack Verchota, and Maggie West.

Laura Anderson and Morris Johnson Feb. 27 MN Calling performance Laura Anderson
Laura Anderson and Morris Johnson Morris Johnson Calling Feb. 27 MN performance

March and April 2008:
On March 10, 2008, the "Clean Up" section of Calling was premiered at the Cornelia Street Cafe in New York City.  
This section of Calling features instrumental performance with spoken text.  On April 5, a new work based on this piece was premiered by the Princeton University Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) at the Sonic Divergence festival in Northwestern University's Pick-Staiger concert hall.  Sweep was performed a second time on May 17 by Plork at Princeton University's Taplin Auditorium.  
In addition to a prominent violin solo part and percussion, this music includes performance of computer music in which musicians wave Nintendo Wii remotes (aka "wiimotes") to create sound.  Maja Cerar, violin soloist.

Chicago performance March 10 Calling performance Calling March 10 performance

November 2007:
Photos below were taken at the November 12, 2007 concert performance of excerpts of Calling at the Cornelia St. Cafe, New York City.  Performers were Kamala Sankaram, voice; Troy Valjean Rucker, voice; Mairi Dorman, cello; Thomas Piercy, clarinet; Mike McCurdy, percussion; Maja Cerar, violin; Doug Geers, computer; and Jed Distler, conductor.

Kamala Sankaram and Troy Rucker Nov. 12 Calling performance Kamala Sankaram and Troy Rucker

To see video highlights of Feb. 2008 Minneapolis workshop performance:

     Click HERE (higher res)
     Click HERE (lower res)

Below are short excerpts from the February 27 2008 performance of Calling excerpts at the Spark Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
     1.  Calling 2-27-2008 Clip #1.

 Calling 2-27-2008 Clip #2.

     3.  Calling 2-27-2008 Clip #3.

     4.  Calling 2-27-2008 Clip #4.

5.  Calling 2-27-2008 Clip #5.
     This clip is from the June 26, 2008 benefit for Calling:
     6.  Calling 6-26-2008 Clip #6

Video clips of the March 10 2008, June 11 2007, and November 12, 2007 performances are available upon request.


Click HERE for information about Wickham Boyle's book on which the opera is based, A Mother's Essays from Ground Zero.